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Distribution &

Get ready to engage with us and our partners to attract new customers and give your existing clients the opportunity to learn about new products. We are pleased to introduce you to our tools, that will contribute to the increase of your project conversion and will boost its performance.
Develop your own marketing strategy. Define top-regions to expand your business and increase your profit.
Forget about issues related to sales as we take care of them.
Get instant access to all available payment methods to satisfy customers all over the globe.
Access all the necessary tools to manage your business from a single place – 1D3 Dashboard.


1D3 accepts Card Payments and Alternative Payment Methods from users all over the world with a wide range of payment solutions. We let the customers to decide which payment method fits him best.
Save your time and expand fast like never before, all while focusing on your project development and innovations. With 1D3 you get access to all payment methods within just one simple integration.
Credit/Debit Card Payments
Supporting most currencies and all major credit card brands, our credit/debit card solution features top-of-the-line security and an array of additional options.
Subscriptions & one-click
Powered with such features as subscriptions, one-click payment, our solution will boost your sales and bring your business to the new level. Build your own community to increase player engagement and attract new loyal customers.
Apple Pay and Google Pay
Enjoy the most popular mobile wallets with no additional costs.
mobile SDK
Let your customers enjoy optimised and native in-app checkout experience, while making your integration simple as it is.
Alternative Payment Methods
Customers can pay for their purchases using the payment method of their choice, including mobile payments, e-Wallets, pre-paid cards, and more.

Tax management
& compliance

Forget about compliance and tax related issues, let 1D3 handle all your sales tax payments. 
As a global digital goods distributor, we are registered with the necessary TAX authorities across the globe to make sure that end users are being charged correctly and sales tax is being paid properly. Our sophisticated tax module allows us to get all necessary data from user in order to determine his country of residence and proceed with all payments due.
Be sure that all data we receive from you or end users is stored according to the relevant regulation. GDPR guidelines, which we use in 1D3, meet the strictest requirements and being continuously updated and improved.

Analytical tools

You will receive a personal account containing analytical software to track sales and purchases, produce reports and statistics, and to note patterns and trends.
Be always aware of your current sales results and profit
Check transaction history and download it
Create reports
Perform necessary transaction actions, for example, refunds.
Get your fee and tax calculation information in one place
Share access to the data with your colleagues and determine the roles or be the one who controls all data of your project

Mobile SDK

Mobile Software Development Kit or mobile SDK is a collection of ready-made development tools that can be used by developers to add 1D3 checkout page to their mobile apps.

Optimised and Native
Let your customers enjoy optimised and native in-app checkout experience, while making your integration simple as it is.
Advanced UX/UI Experience
mSDK will enable you to accept payments directly from the app, without redirecting customers to an external web page.
iOS & Android Support
Our mSDK is available for both Android and iOS.
Global Availability
1D3 accepts payments with cards & alternative payment methods anywhere around the globe in your app.

Customized Landing Page

Tailored Landing Page to make your project recognizable. Modern tool to promote your product, place in-game items or top-up users accounts.

Easy set –up and ready to use templates
Branded, customized and SEO optimized
Published on 1D3 sub-domain or linked to your own domain
Code-free and no additional costs

Risk Management system

1D3 systems are fully protected against fraud and potential chargebacks with our built-in Anti-fraud tools.
Our risk management system is based on automated risk scoring, which helps to identify and block fraudulent activity in the most effective way.
Fraud detection
Using artificial intelligence to assess incoming transactions, 1D3’s solution has an extremely high fraud detection rate of over 99%. Our Anti-Fraud system offers customizable settings that can be tailored to any needs.
Money Management
We take care of all the processes related to the transactions and possible risks i.e., fraud and chargebacks.

Client Support

Dedicated professionals
Since customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities, our support team is here for you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Dedicated support team is available to answer queries and tackle any challenges, ensuring your request is being satisfied.
Personal Contact
We understand the importance of personal contact with the company to build trusting and committed relationships, which is why you will be assigned a personal manager to guide you through the business development process.

Flexible API

Without worrying about additional development needs, our single API grants you the opportunity to easily integrate with 1D3 ditribution platform and other third party systems. It is easy to integrate and support, but even though the help is needed, do not hesitate to discuss any issues with our friendly integration team members.

Registered at: Office 29, Clifton House, Fitzwilliam Street Lower, Dublin, D02 XT91, Ireland and has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.