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1D3 is a unique distribution platform, providing video game developers and publishers as well as other digital goods businesses with a range of promotional opportunities.
Developed in accordance with the newest trends, publisher requirements, and advancements in the payment processing industry, 1D3's proprietary platform is designed to increase your customer base as well as to provide your project with the most effective payment options and secure environment. Platform itself is suitable for any business providing digital goods.
Monetize your idea with 1D3
Main features
We are supporting most currencies and all major credit card brands, as well as alternative payment systems across the globe.
Online payments
Get connected to FraudStop risk management system, which features customisable settings configured individually for each client.
Risk management system
Forget about compliance and tax issues, let us handle all your sales tax payments.
Compliance and tax module
Get ready to engage with us and our partners to obtain new clients and empower your existing ones to familiarise with new products.
Dedicated payment professionals are always here for you to answer any queries. With our single API integrate easily with all popular CMS and other third party systems.
Client support and Flexible API
You will receive a personal account containing analytical software to track sales and purchases, produce reports and statistics, and to note patterns and trends.
Analytical tools
Why to choose 1D3?

At 1D3 we are eager to support online video game and other digital product developers with the most up-to-date solutions. Whether you are an indie game developer, a successful global games publisher or e-learning platform owner, be sure we will make your business go smoother without unnecessary headache. Our pricing policy is easy to understand and to follow, so no hidden conditions or surprising bills.
Go global, go with 1D3
1D3 brings you a straightforward technologically advanced platform for all your business needs. Choose our single platform through which to collect money from users safely, conveniently and profitably.
All-in-one solution
By just single integration with 1D3 you will have access to all our features and payment solutions.
Wide range of payment solutions
We support the most demanded payment options throughout the world paying a lot of attention to their currency conversion rate, so you are sure that user's payment will reach you.
Products and services
Our products are specifically made to empower your business and open new opportunities.
Security and compliance
Sometimes it takes a lot of time and effort to deal with all the regulations and laws. At 1D3 we want you to have more time to develop your product and let us take care of all legal and security matters.
Fast onboarding with no borders
No matter where you are incorporated, you can still enjoy 1D3's products and services. Take over the world with us. Our onboarding policy is easy to understand and follow.
Pricing conditions
We charge fixed percentage of each transaction as a commission for our services. No hidden fees; check all calculations in your private account.
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